Malleable Tasks and ACM

Helle Frisak Sem, Computas AS. We will demonstrate MATS, an award-winning ACM solution powered by Computas FrameSolutions for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Task definitions are steps linked by a shared domain model and dynamic conditions. While workflow corresponds to the “passing of the baton”, task support is the actual live functionality offered to the knowledge worker when he receives the baton, the dynamically available steps of the task definition. A plan corresponds to a loosely ordered set of task definitions, each possibly having several steps. The malleability of the tasks results in malleable plans: the result (or side-effect) of performing a particular task may be invoking another task.

Dr. Helle Frisak Sem is a Chief Architect in Computas, specializing in solution architecture and requirements engineering. With more than 20 years of experience, Helle leads functional teams towards the realization of operational ACM solutions, in collaboration with customer and user. From a background in research and education, Helle combines deep technical knowledge with experience on how customers’ problems may be met by an operational solution. Helle is the functional architect behind the MATS solution and a main contributor to Computas FrameSolutions.