Conference Agenda

April 15
Start End What Who
7:30 8:30 Breakfast on the Roof Deck
8:30 8:45 Morning Kick-off Nathaniel Palmer and Bruce Silver
8:45 9:30 Keynote: Intelligent Automation 2019-2023: Outlook for the Next Five Years Nathaniel Palmer,
9:30 10:15 Keynote: Technology Combinations that Digitally Deliver Jim Sinur, Industry Analyst
10:15 10:45 Break
10:45 11:30 Industry Round Table: How Cloud Architecture is Redefining Product Suites and Automation Platform Strategies BonitaSoft, Red Hat, IBM
11:30 12:00 Re-Aligning BPM in the Age of Intelligent Automation Malcolm Ross, Appian
12:00 1:30 Lunch on the Roof Deck
1:30 2:00 Democratizing Machine Learning with BPM Scott Menter, BPLogix
2:00 2:30 Leveraging Process Mining to Enable Human and Robot Collaboration Michal Rosik, Minit
2:30 3:00 Process Mining and DTO ? How to Derive Business Rules and ROI from the Data Massimiliano Delsante,Luca Fontanili, Cognitive Technology
3:00 3:30 Break
3:30 4:00 Is the Citizen Developer Story a Fairytale? Neil Miller, Kissflow
4:00 4:30 Insightful Process Analysis Jude Chagas-Pereira, Wizly; Frank Kowalkowski, Knowledge Consultants, Inc.; Gil Laware, Information by Design
4:30 5:00 Improving the Execution of Work with an AI Driven Automation Plaform Kramer Reeves, Michael Lim, Jeff Goodhue, IBM
5:00 7:00 Wine/Beer Tasting and Roof Deck Reception
7:00 Welcome Dinner on the Roof Deck
April 16
Start End What Who
7:30 8:30 Breakfast ? Roof Deck
8:30 8:45 Welcome and Business of BPM Kickoff Nathaniel Palmer and Bruce Silver
8:45 9:45 Keynote: Best of Breed: Rolling Your Own Digital Automation Platform using BPMS and Microservices Sandy Kemsley, Industry Analyst
9:45 10:15 Break
10:15 10:45 Business Automation as a Service Denis Gagne, Trisotech
10:45 11:15 Business-Composable Services for the Mortgage Industry Bruce Silver, Method and Style
11:15 12:00 Industry Round Table: The Coming Impact of Decision Services and Machine Learning on Business Automation Method and Style, Trisotech, BP Logix
12:00 1:30 Lunch on the Roof Deck
1:30 2:00 BPM, Serverless and Microservices: Innovative Scaling on the Cloud Thomas Bouffard, Philippe Laumay, Bonitasoft
2:00 2:30 Performance Management for Robots Mark McGregor and Alessandro Manzi, Signavio
2:30 3:00 The Case of the Intentional Process Paul Holmes-Higgin, Micha Kiener, Flowable
3:00 3:30 Break
3:30 4:30 Industry Round Table: Advancing the Value Proposition of 'Intelligent Automation' IBM, Appian, ITESoft, Flowable
4:30 6:30 Reception on the Roof Deck
6:30 Dinner on the Town in Santa Barbara
April 17
Start End What Who
7:30 8:30 Breakfast on the Roof Deck
8:30 8:45 Morning Kick-off Nathaniel Palmer and Bruce Silver
8:45 9:15 A Well-Mixed Cocktail: Blending Decision and RPA Technologies in 1st Gen Design Patterns Lloyd Dugan, Serco
9:15 9:45 Emergent Synthetic Process Keith Swenson, Fujitsu
9:45 10:15 Automating Human-Centric Processes with Machine Learning Kris Verlaenen, Red Hat
10:15 10:45 Break
10:45 11:15 ML, Conversational UX, and Intelligence in BPM Andre Hofeditz, Seshadri Sreeniva, SAP SE
11:15 12:00 DMN TCK Working Group Keith Swenson, WfMC
12:00 1:00 Lunch on the Roof Deck
1:30 2:30 Awards and Wrap-up
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