bpmNEXT is the brainchild of Bruce Silver and Nathaniel Palmer.  Bruce is a longtime independent BPM industry analyst, founder and principal of BPMessentials, the leading provider of BPMN training and certification, and author of the popular book BPMN Method and Style and The BPMS Report series of product reviews.  Nathaniel also has wears many hats in BPM, as Executive Director of the Workflow Management Coalition, the founding Editor of BPM.com, and today the VP & CTO of Business Process Management, Inc.

We both reject the notion that BPM is dead… or even tired.  In fact, innovation around Big Data, cloud, event-driven analytics, case management, mobility, and social media are fueling BPM innovation to a degree we haven’t seen in years.  bpmNEXT, the organization, seeks to shine a light on these next-generation BPM innovations.

bpmNEXT 2016 will be our fourth annual event, showcasing of the best in “what’s next for BPM.”  In addition to putting the latest and greatest on display, we are trying to develop a community of BPM practitioners and technology providers with an interest in moving things forward.  We believe talk is cheap.  We want to see what it looks like in a working demo.  Get inspired.  Make it better.  Find a partner.  Don’t rehash the past, but move forward.