About bpmNEXT

The brainchild of Bruce Silver and Nathaniel Palmer, both well-known BPM thought leaders, bpmNEXT has tracked the evolution of Business Process Management and related technologies into what we now call Intelligent Automation. bpmNEXT today provides a window into the future of this exciting area, where you get to see it, engage with it, and shape it. Part TED, part DEMO, part Think Tank, bpmNEXT is not your usual BPM conference. It is a uniquely collaborative event for people already immersed in the field ? business and IT executives, technology vendors, academics, practitioners, analysts, investors ? who know what?s out there today… and are hungry for what?s coming next.

Not just to hear about it, but see it in action and engage with the developers.

The perspective is FORWARD-LOOKING: now in its seventh year, bpmNEXT has consistently been the defining launch pad for the ideas and innovations surrounding technology-led process innovation and Intelligent Automation. Presentations are not case studies of past successes, but vision statements on where we need to go next.

The format is LIVELY: bpmNEXT presentations are always about showing not telling. Each presentation begins with an Ignite overview, a 5-minute introduction using 20 slides advanced every 15 seconds. This is followed by a live demo and interactive Q&A, plus scheduled breaks for one-on-one deep dives.

bpmNEXT 2020 is better than ever! With over 20 leading-edge demos including the full gamut of technology spearheading the next wave of process innovation, combined with thought leadership sessions featuring insight from BPM?s most prominent and influential analysts ? Jim Sinur, Sandy Kemsley, Nathaniel Palmer and Bruce Silver.

2019 Best in Show

The Case of the Intentional Process

Denis Gagné, Trisotech

Most Innovative

Secure, Private, Decentralized Business Processes for Blockchains

Vanessa Bridge, ConsenSys


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