KPI Risk Assessment

Manoj Das, Oracle. In many scenarios, such as in Call Center, business users want to be alerted if a KPI threshold has not yet been violated but is at risk because the KPI has been trending up. Oracle BPM’s BAM Composer allows non-technical business users to create temporal BAM queries including trending measures. Through simple point-click selection in a browser window, BAM Composer automatically generates the complex CQL statement implementing the business query. It also supports creation of mashups combining strategic BI data with operational BAM data and external sources.

Manoj is Vice President of Product Management at Oracle, responsible for Oracle’s BPM Suite of products including BPM, BAM, and Business Rules. He is a co-author of “Getting Started with Oracle BPM Suite 11gR1 – A Hands-On Tutorial”, the soon to be published “Oracle BPM Suite 11g Handbook”, and other books. Manoj has a BS in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur and MBA from UC Berkeley. He has held senior Product Management, Development Management, and Product Development positions at Oracle, Siebel, Mentor Graphics, and others.