How Technology Innovation Will Change BPM Practice

Paul Harmon, Executive Editor, BPTrends.  Paul has been working at business process redesign since the late 60s. When he first began, process redesign was almost entirely a matter of studying people, noting how they performed, and thinking of ways to improve human performance. In the decades since the computer revolution has changed the way we work and how we approach business process redesign. It rare, today, to find an organization in which people don?t work with computers. It?s equally hard to find process practitioners that don?t depend on software tools to do their work. This keynote will consider way software applications and tools have changed the nature of work, and speculate on the ways new technologies will change the way we work in the near future.

harmonPaul Harmon is a Co-Founder and Executive Editor at Business Process Trends (,an internationally popular website that covers trends, directions and best practices in business process management. He is the author of Business Process Change: A Guide for Business Managers, BPM and Six Sigma Professionals (2nd Ed. 2007). and twelve other books. Previously, Paul managed major process improvement programs at Bank of America, Security Pacific, Wells Fargo, Prudential, and Citibank. He was a Senior Consultant at Cutter Consortium and edited their Expert System Strategies, CASE, and Business Process Reengineering Strategies newsletters.