Data-Centric BPM

John Reynolds, IBM. A process or activity always takes place within a wider Business Context, and multiple BPM solutions often share common Business Contexts. Data-Centric BPM from IBM injects Business Context into BPM at the highest level to simplify the design and implementation of solutions. Business Context Data lives within the BPM platform but outside the context of any specific process. We start by making the richly defined data that describes the business context a first class citizen within BPM. We go further by implementing a facade between the richly defined BPM data and the real data that lives in multiple Enterprise repositories.

John Reynolds is a Product Manager for IBM BPM, focusing on empowering Business Users. He joined IBM in 2010 with the Lombardi acquisition, where he had focused on mentoring business and technical teams through their initial BPM implementation projects. John currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Teri.