bpmNEXT 2014 Schedule

March 25
Start End What Who Where
1400 1515 Event Sign-in Dodge Chapel
1515 1530 Welcome and Event Kickoff Bruce Silver and Nathaniel Palmer Dodge Chapel
1530 1600 Self-Organizing Groups, Ad Hoc Work, and Expectations of Simplicity Brian Reale/Colosa Dodge Chapel
1600 1630 Extending Processes to Enterprise Mobile Apps Using BPM Romeo Elias/Interneer Dodge Chapel
1630 1700 Bringing Process to the People Scott Francis/BP3 Global Dodge Chapel
1700 1730 Model-Driven Work Management? the Important Bit of Enterprise Process Automation That Isn't Covered by BPMN Roger King/TIBCO Dodge Chapel
1730 1800 Break/Check-in for late arrivals
1800 1900 Dinner Crocker Dining Hall
1915 2000 My Process is Smarter than Me Jim Sinur Dodge Chapel
2000 2130 Reception Fire Pit or Dodge Chapel
March 26
Start End What Who Where
0730 0830 Breakfast Crocker Dining Hall
0830 0845 Welcome Bruce Silver/Nathaniel Palmer Dodge Chapel
0845 0915 Cloud Workflow Simplified Tom Baeyens/Effektif Dodge Chapel
0915 0945 Automation of Manual Processes with Synthetic APIs Stefan Andreasen/Kapow Dodge Chapel
0945 1015 A Successor to Flowcharts E. Scott Menter/BPLogix Dodge Chapel
1015 1045 bpm-NEXT or BPMN-ext? Jean-Loup Comeliau/W4 Dodge Chapel
1045 1100 Coffee Break Dodge Chapel
1100 1145 Model Interchange Demo Denis Gagne/MIWG Dodge Chapel
1200 1300 Lunch Crocker Dining Hall
1300 1345 Enjoy Asilomar/Social Time Beach or Nature Walk
1345 1400 Coffee Break Dodge Chapel
1400 1430 Socializing Process Change Denis Gagne/Trisotech Dodge Chapel
1430 1500 Wizard-Based Generation of "Good BPMN" Bruce Silver and Stephan Fischli/BPMessentials Dodge Chapel
1500 1530 Combining Process Modeling and Enterprise Architecture Gero Decker/Signavio Dodge Chapel
1530 1600 Refreshment Break Dodge Chapel
1600 1630 Blending Structured Flow and Event Condition Action patterns within Business Process Models John Reynolds, Amy Dickson/IBM Dodge Chapel
1630 1700 Lowering BPM Barriers Through a Community-to-Enterprise Platform Ashok Anand/Inswit Dodge Chapel
1700 1730 Adaptive, Open, Unified – ACM to iBPM Dave Duggal/EnterpriseWeb Dodge Chapel
1800 1900 Dinner Crocker Dining Hall
1900 2030 Reception Dodge Chapel
March 27
Start End What Who Where
0730 0815 Breakfast Crocker Dining Hall
0815 0830 Announcements Bruce Silver/Nathaniel Palmer Dodge Chapel
0830 0900 Illuminating Business Operations with Operational Process Intelligence Thomas Volmering and Harsh Jegadeesan/SAP Dodge Chapel
0900 0930 Intelligent Process Execution: An Imperative for BPM Dominic Greenwood/Whitestein Dodge Chapel
0930 1000 Let BPMN Be Everywhere Jakob Freund/camunda Dodge Chapel
1000 1030 Letting Go of Control Keith Swenson/Fujitsu Dodge Chapel
1030 1045 Coffee Break Dodge Chapel
1045 1115 Decision Modeling for Simpler, Smarter, More Agile Processes James Taylor/Decision Management Solutions Dodge Chapel
1115 1145 Building Flexibility into Deployed Processes Miguel Valdes-Faura/Bonitasoft Dodge Chapel
1145 1215 Resource Utilization and Productivity Improvement for Structured and Unstructured Processes Robert Shapiro/Process Analytica Dodge Chapel
1215 1300 Lunch Crocker Dining Hall
1300 1330 Process Intelligence Minus Analytical Relativism John Patton/Sight Software Dodge Chapel
1330 1400 Taking Operational Intelligence to the Next Level Alfred Godeke/Vision Waves Dodge Chapel
1400 1420 Break and Best in Show Voting Dodge Chapel
1420 1445 Best in Show Award, Wrapup, and Adjourn Bruce Silver/Nathaniel Palmer Dodge Chapel
1515 2200 Wine Tour and Dinner (post-event option) Carmel Valley