The Business of BPM

Special Session for BPM Industry Participants

The Business of BPM ,  Monday, March 30th, 8:30am ? 12:00pm

bpmNEXT 2015 kicks off with an optional half-day executive session (at no additional cost) targeted to BPM industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and market watchers.  This intensive workshop consists of analyst commentary and moderated panels, providing an insider?s view through the unique bpmNEXT lens, on topics ranging from financing and M&A, to partnering strategies and market trends.

BPM 2020: Outlook for the Next Five Years,  Monday 8:30 ? 9:30

The Business of BPM begins with a session by event chairs Nathaniel Palmer and Bruce Silver. This kick-off will present an expert-view of the BPM market landscape, projected over 2015 to 2020.  Discussed will be trends both within the BPM market as well as those outside with the greatest impact, including BPM-based Application Development, the convergence of process and analytics, the ?Internet of Everything? and emerging API-driven process interaction ? and what these all mean for the business of BPM.  This discussion will also be framed within the latest market research conducted by and other relevant analysts.

[TBA]: Keynote by Clay Richardson,  Monday 9:30?10:15


  Networking Break,  10:15?10:30

  Building a BPM Ecosystem,  Monday 10:30?11:15

This thought leadership panel discusses the elements that define the BPM ecosystem, as well as the landscape of BPM business models, from component suppliers and vertically-integrated solution providers, to value-added resellers and system integrators.  Examining factors ranging from packaged solution and custom solutions to enabling ?community? based development model or building an optimal R&D shop, this high-tempo moderated panel will explore questions surrounding different BPM business models, such as: Which elements are important for the platform provider to ownWho owns the customer relationship?  As well as What are the risks/constraints?

Taking an ?unplugged? and open book approach, the conversation will explore the often opaque and challenging issues around partner strategies, such as expectation for exclusivity and the need for confidentiality, how partnering opportunities start and whether they are deal-driven or strategy-driven, as well as the emergent topic of Process Apps vs BPM Platform and the impact on pricing and value deltas.

Schrodinger’s BPM: a Keynote by Neil Ward-Dutton,  Monday 11:15?12:00

Neil Ward-Dutton is one of the BPM industry?s most respect analysts, whose areas of expertise span BPM, EA, IT strategy and digital transformation.  In this thought-provoking and informative keynote, Neil will present the classic Schrodinger’s dilemma applied to BPM. We see (and quite possibly enable) examples every week of how BPM is delivering major benefits to organizations.  Yet BPM has been a slow-burn phenomenon rather than an overnight sensation.  We all know that BPM is often about transformation, and transformation can be hard, risky and slow. This presentation will show how the market is changing, how expectations are shifting and how new requirements are emerging that all affect how BPM technology vendors need to go to market. It’ll also explain how different trends are playing out in different geographies and different industries.

Networking Lunch on the Roof Deck,  Monday 12:00?1:00