Social and Mobile Computing for BPM and Case Management

Rhonda Gray, OpenText Social collaboration features must be integrated within BPM and Case Management solutions and be accessible to users whether working at their desk or on a mobile device. OpenText Touch lets knowledge workers receive updates on followed processes, cases, tasks, and users via event streams, submit tasks and approvals via a mobile device, access all case information, and retain the event stream as a part of the case or process history. It is an independent cloud-based mobile and social application integrated with BPM and Case Management, which is different than making BPM or Case Management social or mobile enabled. Touch also supports multi-tenancy and offline requirements.

Rhonda Gray is part of the OpenText product management team that focuses on advancing OpenText’s leadership position in BPM and Case Management. A pioneer in the process management space, Rhonda has been a product manager for BPM products since the late ‘90s. Prior to her product management roles, Rhonda held technical and management positions in software development and customer support.