Model-Driven Generation of Social BPM Applications

Emanuele Molteni, WebRatio. WebRatio makes it easy to generate social BPM web applications from graphical models. In our demo, a company collects feedback from social networks regarding a prospective new product. The product manager posts on Facebook invitations that include a link to the new product page, and collects feedback as Facebook likes and comments. The system aggregates the comments and makes them available to the internal business process. The process logic is defined in BPMN, and process activities are modeled in WebML, a graphical modeling language that defines the user interface, data connections, and business logic by connecting widgets in a diagram.

Emanuele Molteni began his career in WebRatio in 2002 as an analyst/developer and then as Project Manager. Over the years he has increasingly dedicated himself to pre and post sales services. From 2008 until 2011, he assumed the role of Head of Customer Services. From 2012, he is the Chief Product Officer and Director of Product Business Unit.