Goals in the Process Continuum: from BPM to ACM and Beyond

Dominic Greenwood, Whitestein Technologies. Realizing success with BPM, ACM, and similar technologies requires bridging the chasm between business execution and process automation. In business execution, goals provide an essential beacon guiding decisions and activities, yet in process automation business goals rarely control process execution. Using the Living Systems Process Suite from Whitestein Technologies, this demonstration will show the how to connect goals at the business execution level to goals at the process automation level. The resulting solutions become highly agile and event-driven, able to dynamically adjust execution, ensuring the alignment of all resources (people, processes, information) toward organizational goals.

Dr. Dominic Greenwood is Group Chief Operating Officer with Whitestein Technologies AG, a Swiss company with process management, logistics, and telecommunications products employing goal-oriented real-time optimization. Dr. Greenwood is an IT business and technology leader with 15 years of experience in bringing the latest technology innovation to bear on enterprise software products across several industry sectors including financial services, logistics, telecommunications, and energy.