Event-Driven Rules-based Business Processes for the Real-Time Enterprise

Dave Duggal, EnterpriseWeb. Today’s information-workers are not well supported by yesterday’s process technologies. Modern processes need to flexibly organize the right people, information and capabilities around a Task. The EnterpriseWeb is an intelligent, event-driven, rules-based process platform that can personalize tasks, make recommendations and proactively guide compliance based on business context. The EnterpriseWeb leverages a Web-style (REST) architecture to enable dynamic applications that are highly interactive, adaptable and scalable like the Web itself. Its plug-in architecture is logically multi-tenant and horizontally scalable so it’s an ideal application layer for public and private Clouds.

Dave Duggal is co-founder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb LLC (www.enterpriseweb.com). Dave is a proven business leader with a 20-year history of building, growing and turning around companies. The outspoken entrepreneur has been interviewed on Dateline NBC and presented at TED6. Author of several academic papers on web-style software architecture and a co-inventor of the patent pending software framework, Dave is an outspoken proponent of next generation business processes.