Connecting BPM to Social Feeds Improves User Adoption

Miguel Valdes Faura, BonitaSoft. Many BPM software vendors have added social capabilities to their products recently. To insure full adoption of “Social BPM”, it is important to connect BPM to social media, not the other way around. This means providing connectivity to mainstream Enterprise Social Media Platforms such as Salesforce Chatter, or to other social media like Twitter, Facebook or Google Talk. In this demo, we’ll show how social features can improve a business process, using Chatter to send task notifications during process execution, and how to integrate community contributed social media connectors into Bonita Open Solution.

Miguel Valdés-Faura, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. Miguel leads the charge in BonitaSoft’s mission: to democratize Business Process Management (BPM), bringing powerful and affordable BPM to organizations and projects of all sizes. Miguel founded the Bonita project in 2001, with the vision that BPM would become mainstream in every company’s IT portfolio. Prior to BonitaSoft, Miguel led R&D, pre-sales and support for the BPM division of Bull Information Systems. Miguel is a recognized thought-leader in business process management and passionate about open source community building. Miguel holds a degree in Computer Science from the URV and a Master’s degree from Nancy and Metz Universities.