2013 Videos

Keynote: How Technology Innovation Will Change BPM Practice
Paul Harmon, BP Trends


Performing Collections of Activities as Means to Business Ends
Denis Gagne, Trisotech


Lowering the Barriers to BPMN
Gero Decker, Signavio


Operational Process Intelligence for Real-Time Business Process Visibility
Patrick Schmidt, SAP


The Decision Model
Michael Grohs, Knowledge Partners International


Automated Assessment of BPMN 2.0 Model Quality
Stephan Fischli and Antonio Palumbo, itp commerce


Data-Centric BPM
John Reynolds, IBM


Antifragile Systems for Innovation and Learning Organizations
Keith Swenson, Fujitsu America


Event-Driven Rules-based Business Processes for the Real-Time Enterprise
Dave Duggal, EnterpriseWeb


Model-BPMS Roundtripping
Jakob Freund, Camunda


Connecting BPM to Social Feeds Improves User Adoption
Mac McConnell, BonitaSoft

Model-Driven Generation of Social BPM Applications
Emanuele Molteni, WebRatio


Social Process in the Cloud with Facebook
Joel Garcia, TidalWave Interactive


BPM for the Internet of Things
Troy Foster and Tom Debevoise, Bosch SI


Social and Mobile Computing for BPM and Case Management
Rhonda Gray, OpenText


Fully Exploiting the Potential of BPM in the Cloud
Carl Hillier, Kofax


Extreme BPMN: Semantic Web Leveraging BPMN XML Serialization
Lloyd Dugan and Mohamed Keshk, IMSC US


Goals in the Process Continuum
Dominic Greenwood, Whitestein


Process Mining: Discovering Process Maps from Data
Anne Rozinat and Christian W. Gunther, Fluxicon


Malleable Tasks and ACM
Dr. Helle Frisak Sem, Computas


BPM for Mobile, Mobile for BPM
Scott Francis, BP3